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Mindfulness is a psychological process and it is a built-in capability in our mind. Mindfulness practice is a practice of awareness, paying attention to the present moment, observing our own feelings, thoughts, and the sensations in our body without judgement.


During the course of the past 8 years, Installation Artist Wong Chi-yung has been investigating how contemplative space could lead us to find our pace of equanimity; could artistic intervention and mindfulness practice lead us to self-reflection? Wong’s artistic venture leads him to Europe and the USA to collaborate with a number of artists and scientists. Every year, Wong creates an installation along with his seminar to conclude his artistic research.


靜觀是一趟心理旅程,它是潛藏於我們腦袋中一種內在能力。 靜觀練習是一種意識練習,要關注當下,以不具批判的角度觀察自己的感受、想法以及身體的感覺。


八年來,裝置藝術家王志勇一直專注探索沉思空間如何引導我們找到平靜,藝術和靜觀練習能否引導我們進行自省?其藝術探索驅使他隻身前往歐洲和美國,與當地眾多藝術家和科學家合作。 除了創作藝術品,王氏亦策劃藝術研討會,作為研究年度總結。


Auguries of Innocence is the 4th chapter of Wong Chi-yung’s contemplative arts installation series on his artistic research. Wong draws inspiration from the poem Auguries of Innocence by William Blake in which he reflects on its narrative on finding balance and beauty in conflict situations. 


In this new chapter, Wong focuses on searching for solace in grief through the lens of mindfulness, presenting a series of projects as an artistic response to his research, which includes


  • Auguries of Innocence – Visual Album

  • Talks in 3 Parts - Artist Talk Series

  • In-between Two Realms - The Making of Auguries of Innocence - Online Forum




在這個新篇章中,王氏探討了怎樣透過靜觀,從悲傷中尋找慰藉。 他創作及策劃了一系列項目,以回應其藝術研究。項目包括:


  • 《天真的預言》視覺專輯

  • 《藝研三談》藝術家講座

  • 《遊歷兩域 - 天真的預言創作過程分享》 網上論壇

Auguries of Innocence 
A Visual Album

Auguries of Innocence is a result of a collaboration between Wong Chi-yung, music composer An Tôn Thất, creative technologist Markus Lanxinger and his team, transcending the concept of mindfulness practice and contemplative arts into this visual album, inviting viewers to slow down and practice contemplation and observation.



Wong draws inspiration from the poem Auguries of Innocence by William Blake in which he reflects on its narrative on finding balance and beauty in conflict situations. 


Wong was intrigued by the poem’s narratives advancing from childhood to adulthood, and how the poet urges that the innocence of mankind is pushed aside as one becomes adult. However, we should remember there is a life beyond our physical bodies and the true form of innocence. This poem inspires Wong to reflect and revisit his thoughts on how to find solace in grief through the lens of mindfulness for his new chapter of artistic research on contemplative arts.



Contemplative Art x Creative Coding


This contemplative art is online and free for everyone, breaking the boundaries of physical exhibition and opening up the accessibility of art.  All this is made possible by creative coding and virtual technologies, stimulating artists and technologists to collaborate in a new form of aesthetic.  The album is dedicated for viewers to dive into practice of idleness, immersing their senses with music, soundscape, virtual art and generative art in the digital realm.


《天真的預言》王志勇與作曲家尊室安、創意技術專家 Markus Lanxinger 及其團隊的合作成果,將靜觀與沉思藝術的概念轉化成是次視覺專輯,邀請觀者放慢腳步,讓自己被特設的影像及聲音包圍,靜心練習沉思和觀察。











沉思藝術 x 創意編碼




Poem : Auguries of Innocence
Author : William Blake


詩歌 : 《天真的預言》

作者 : 威廉·布萊克

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